Yikes Toys!, Tucson Arizona, 2930 E. Broadway Blvd, Tucson AZ 85716
green dinosaur
yellow butterfly
an ant, a really cute ant with a pink background

We like the element of surprise ! Thus, at Yikes Toys, we offer an ever-changing variety of goodies.
Stop by and check it out! And don't forget to visit YikesToysOnline.

Here are some things we offered in past, perhaps the present and maybe in the future!


Metal lunchboxes including zombies, hello kitty, snoopy, bandana skull and spam

Plasma Lava Lamp
Metal Lunchboxes
Plasma Lava Lamp
  Candy, Candy and more Candy of the Retro and Strange Sort


Candy, Candy and more Candy!
  Brio of Sweden Roll-Along Ant with Rolling Egg Wooden Toy
Djeco Wooden Pull-Alongs

Wooden European Toys
Brio of Sweden
Djeco of France

Brio of Sweden Wooden Train with Track and Trees
4D anatomical kits

4 D Anatomical Kits (human, animal, insect)
Visible Man, Woman and Horse
Dinosaur Models (including glow-in-the-dark)
Plus books and puzzles about Human Anatomy
and skeleton models too!

Human anatomical kits and books
  First Time Clock for Children
Simple science toys and kits for budding young minds
Tin mechanical robots and toys
We specialize in Robots
All Shapes & Sizes


Paper Goods
Metal Windups
and more!

High Wheel Robot
Metal, automated windups of all subjects, shapes and sizes

Oodles of Automated Metal and Plastic Windups
Anatomical Pendants by Valerie Galloway

Anatomical Pendants
by Valerie Galloway





Gloo Factory Ink, World's Best Bike Stickers and Peace Supplies stickers and t-shirts available at Yikes Toys



Gloo Factory Ink.
T-Shirts & Stickers
Angry Red Squirrel t-shirt by Gloo Factory Ink / Peace Supplies.org
  Kill Your TV t-shirt by Gloo Factory Ink / Peace Supplies.org


Chrome Robot Windup that is holding a human eyeball in his right hand and a bee in an icecube in his left hand. super cool! available at Yikes Toys in Tucson.