Yikes Toys!, Tucson Arizona
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Patricia Katchur, owner of Yikes Toys, on life's fleeting pleasures, and why you don't want to get on her wrong side.

November 2012


The Mikie Show, bimonthly halfhour variety radio show, michael carroll - cody loop records

The Mikie Show

Episode 24, Patty

We speak with Patty Katchur, owner of Yikes Toys, the most fun toy store I’ve ever been to. Seems she was looking for change in her life and blamo, toy store. We get the run of a toy store for an hour! (Well, actually, only fourteen minutes). Plus, our friend Tom the Scot drops by, there’s some news and Mikie looks through his junk drawer. How much can we stuff into one show? A lot!
Yikes Toys, Proprietress Patricia Katchur by Bridgitte Thum
  Summertime Blahs Be Gone
Yikes Toys is the Place to Go

by Bridgitte Thum -Examiner.com/Tucson

Hazel Rugg hands Yikes Toys to Patricia Katchur, January 2010

  Yikes Toys Changes Hands

photograph © Jeff Smith 2010